SAREZA HOTEL*** in Ostrava

SAREZA HOTEL*** is a three-star hotel in the middle class in Ostrava-Poruba. Located close to sports centers Sareza provides facilities and accommodation services not only the sports sections, but also the general public in the implementation of cultural and social events. The hotel is situated in a quiet zone, which has excellent transport links to the city center and easy access to airports and train stations Mošnov Svinov. In its vicinity as the University Hospital Ostrava - Poruba, Mining College, et al. TietoEnator, Wholesale Bird. The front desk is open non-stop, restaurant, car park with CCTV. Possibility to use swimming pool, sauna, gym and massage room in the nearby area Indoor pool Ostrava-Poruba.

SAREZA HOTEL*** has a total capacity of 58 beds. Hotel offers three types of accommodation: comfort, standard and economy.The interior is designed with regard to the category of accommodation - comfortable room, standard plus room, standard room and standard family room. Of course there are private facilities, airconditioning, WiFi, TV, refrigerator with mini bar in room comfort. The hotel offers services to current clients, sports teams, business groups and guests on short and long term stays.

5 / 2018
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Why choose SAREZA HOTEL***

  • we offer our customers not only accommodation but the opportunity to use some of Sareza sports facilities (spa, sauna, swimming pool, badminton ...)
  • good access to the city center, close to University of Mining, University Hospital
  • hotel offers comfortable, standard and cheaper accommodation at reasonable price

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Čkalovova 18/6144,
708 00 Ostrava-Poruba

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tel.: +420 596 977 314
mobil: +420 736 755 050

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